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I have been a multi-sport coach for 15 years and during that time I have trained hundreds of athletes for whom triathlon, running, biking, fitness and health must fit into very busy lives. My clientele includes lawyers, doctors, full time mothers, office workers, school teachers, nurses, and entrepreneurs – and every one of them has a jam packed schedule. My goal is to help each athlete strike a balance between training to their maximum potential and balancing the various other aspects of their lives, as well as to provide all the information they need to perform at their best and stay healthy and injury free.

Here’s a good article, by MyTimeToTri on how to prevent injury Your Injury-Prevention Checklist You hear stuff every day about things you can do to stay injury-free and keep swimming, cycling and running consistently. But, be honest, do you actually do this stuff? Do you put it off hoping that … Continue reading

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Improve Your Race Performance by Managing Race Week Stress- Lance Watson

Poor management of race week stress is a sure way to derail the countless hours of preparation you have put into getting ready for an event. During the final week, all the physical training has been completed and there is … Continue reading

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Race preparation

Here is a great article from Jim Vance and USA Triathlon- Prepare well, race the way you prepared and have a great day! Dara

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What races shall we do this year?

Picking the races for your season is probably the most important part of your planning, yet I find that many athletes just wing it. They look at what races their friends are doing, they read an article on a race … Continue reading

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Mental toughness- with it you are stronger, faster and tougher!

Good article from Mental Skills Coach, Carrie Cheadle. Mental skills alone can’t give you a PR, but fitness without mental skills will likely result in sub par performances. Here’s to a happy new year! Dara

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Training, eating and maintaining through the holiday season

Hello to you all! Have the holiday season crazies hit where you are yet? Are the holidays stressful in terms of figuring out when you can fit your workouts in? Even though most of us are off work, the family … Continue reading

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Time for a little down time and a season review

Somehow it is already almost December, and all your big races are complete for the year (unless you are getting ready for some very late season race) and you, hopefully, are preparing to settle into some holiday relaxation and festivities. … Continue reading

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